When it comes to storage devices, size is what matters most. Having a fast SSD drive that performs reliably is important, but generally speaking, users are looking for as much capacity as they can get. Given that need, what is the size of the world’s biggest SSD drive? The battle to build bigger SSD drives has been going on for a while, but at the moment there’ s a new gold standard. The Nimbus Exadrive from Nimbus Data offers 100 TB of storage, which is believed to be the largest SSD drive ever offered. The price is just as impressive. Until recently its been difficultRead More →


When it comes to finding a quality laptop, one of the toughest issues is hunting down a machine that will appeal to both business users and regular consumers. With the ThinPadX1 Carbon Gen7 PC, Lenovo has straddled these two categories with style and economy. The laptop has a price tag of $1,179, which makes it a bargain for business but still affordable for consumers. This laptop basically preserves the essential ThinkPad concepts. It’s lightweight with a comfortable keyboard, plus it has some serious security features as well as the iconic red TrackPoint button in the middle of the keyboard. The security features include facial recognition,Read More →


Lenovo ThinkVision M14t mobile display is exactly what people need. The 14-inch display offers stunning graphics and great custom features to the user. New users will want to research the Lenovo ThinkVision M14t mobile display if possible. That can direct them to buy the product when they want to do so. The Lenovo ThinkVision M14t mobile display can amaze even dedicated tech fans on the market. The critics have praised the design and want to do their part as well. Their advice could actually direct people to buy the item. The tech is on the rise and people want to find it soon. The firstRead More →


If you’re doing web hosting or just looking for computing power in general, you need a full-featured server that will meet your needs. Until recently, though, getting a cheap server hasn’t been easy at all, especially if you’re looking for a dedicated machine. But server prices have been falling steadily for the past couple of years, which means that there are some great values when it comes to getting the cheapest server. That said, the best deal for the cheapest server is the Hostnoc TechRadar Dedicated Server. The package costs just under $70 a month, and the capabilities of the machine make this package aRead More →


Their many great tech companies now offering extra storage space. Come to an understanding of the hard drive and what it can do. That hardware will enable a computer to perform basic functions as is needed. The cheapest hard disk drive per GB might be a factor during the purchasing phase. People are eager to find the best hardware on the market for those interested. The top quality brand names are a big draw to people these days. The ordering process is going to astound those in the know these days. The cheapest hard disk drive per GB could sway opinions among many buyers too.Read More →


More iOS apps crashed on your iPhone? That is a common trend in electronics for many users as of today. Smartphone technology is on the rise for a lot of people. But there are issues with connecting to apps such as Spotify and TikTok. Those apps have been crashing lately and people want to know why that happens. There are resources available that will suggest some possible solutions to users. These users should explore all available options along the way. That could bode well for new users who need a little bit of help. The outlets are offering tech support to new users as well.Read More →


Gaming fans will want to try out a laptop that suits their needs. The Lenovo Legion KM300 is one that will be utilized by many new game fans. The pro players seem to be showing their approval for the Lenovo Legion KM300. The Lenovo Legion KM300 has been praised for its incredible graphic capabilities and sound quality. But there is more to that laptop than some might think at first. Trust the design and give it a chance with some top-rated games. That will appeal to people who really enjoy playing video games. The laptop is an all-around winning item for dedicated players today. TakeRead More →


The Dell XPS 13 laptop is a popular choice for buyers, and it’s easy to see why. It’s very compact, thin, light, and you can easily use it with your existing computer accessories. However, it’s also not just a simple laptop as there are multiple ways to use this laptop. If you are having a difficult time deciding what laptop to get, this article will go into detail so you can make an informed decision. Benefits of the Dell XPS 13 Laptop Many people use the laptop as their computer when they travel. With a 13-inch screen, it’s perfect for working on a plane, andRead More →


As YouTube becomes more sophisticated and viable as a personal and professional platform, YouTubers everywhere are looking to upgrade their game when it comes to equipment. YouTube cameras are definitely keeping pace with this demand. There are many great choices when it comes to earning the title of Best YouTube camera 2020, but the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera definitely sets the gold standard. The feature set includes a wide-angle lens that allows you to make videos in high definition, a combination that’s virtually essential in making YouTube videos. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR also has built-in Wifi, which makes uploadsRead More →


If you’re looking for the best computer products for this year so far, CES 2020 represents the gold standard. The annual conference typically sets the stage for coming technology advances, and this year was no exception. So what are the 5 most popular in 2020 Computer products? This year’s top five features some significant advances in laptop capability, along with the usual array of additions from the world of gaming. What follows is a thumbnail description of this year’s top five, starting with the most significant. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Laptop Last year, Lenovo promised to deliver the world’s first foldable laptop. This year theyRead More →