Best Smart TV 2020


There are many smart TVs on the market today, but not all TVs are of excellent quality, so it is important to know about your TV in detail.

Best Smart TV 2020

Samsung is one of the world’s best-known brands of televisions and home appliances, and there is no doubt that Samsung has excelled in the market with the new Samsung UE50RU7105 smart television.

The Samsung UE50RU7105 offers the best specifications and features, you could say that this Samsung smart TV is ready for the future, and also is quite economical.

Picture Quality and General Features

The screen of the Samsung UE50RU7105 is truly a marvel, it has a 50-inch LED panel with an incredible Ultra HD resolution.

The resolution of this screen is one of the best on the market, the colors and image quality are excellent.

Also, noteworthy is the HDR support, which also has the ability to provide a higher level of detail. The HDR content dramatically improves the definition and accuracy of the colors.

In addition, this TV works with PurColor technology, which improves the quality of color reproduction, with more natural colors.

Smart TV

This is one of the best Smart TVs on the market, thanks to its incredible system created by Samsung which is compatible with the vast majority of applications without any problems.

To improve the Smart TV experience for the user, Samsung has incorporated Wi-Fi on the TV and Bluetooth technology.

The most important thing about a Smart TV is the compatibility with the different applications available, as this way the experience will be a pleasant one.

Slim Design

The Korean brand has done an incredible job offering a very nice slim design for any environment.

The frames of the Samsung UE50RU7105 TV are so thin that they are literally unappreciated, which is very favorable.

Because the TV takes up so much space, it’s best to mount it on the wall with a stand.


It incorporates a two-channel sound system and 20W of power, so the sound will be very clear and high power.

Thanks to Dolby Digital Plus technology, you can enjoy excellent sound very similar to a movie theater.


The Samsung UE50RU7105 is a good TV for a pretty low price, it also offers a lot of applications, and it incorporates Google Assistance and Alexa, these are two virtual assistants that will help you to control the TV by commands.

This model of smart TV is undoubtedly one of the best this year 2020.