When it comes to storage devices, size is what matters most. Having a fast SSD drive that performs reliably is important, but generally speaking, users are looking for as much capacity as they can get. Given that need, what is the size of the world’s biggest SSD drive? The battle to build bigger SSD drives has been going on for a while, but at the moment there’ s a new gold standard. The Nimbus Exadrive from Nimbus Data offers 100 TB of storage, which is believed to be the largest SSD drive ever offered. The price is just as impressive. Until recently its been difficultRead More →


If you’re doing web hosting or just looking for computing power in general, you need a full-featured server that will meet your needs. Until recently, though, getting a cheap server hasn’t been easy at all, especially if you’re looking for a dedicated machine. But server prices have been falling steadily for the past couple of years, which means that there are some great values when it comes to getting the cheapest server. That said, the best deal for the cheapest server is the Hostnoc TechRadar Dedicated Server. The package costs just under $70 a month, and the capabilities of the machine make this package aRead More →


Their many great tech companies now offering extra storage space. Come to an understanding of the hard drive and what it can do. That hardware will enable a computer to perform basic functions as is needed. The cheapest hard disk drive per GB might be a factor during the purchasing phase. People are eager to find the best hardware on the market for those interested. The top quality brand names are a big draw to people these days. The ordering process is going to astound those in the know these days. The cheapest hard disk drive per GB could sway opinions among many buyers too.Read More →


More iOS apps crashed on your iPhone? That is a common trend in electronics for many users as of today. Smartphone technology is on the rise for a lot of people. But there are issues with connecting to apps such as Spotify and TikTok. Those apps have been crashing lately and people want to know why that happens. There are resources available that will suggest some possible solutions to users. These users should explore all available options along the way. That could bode well for new users who need a little bit of help. The outlets are offering tech support to new users as well.Read More →


Buying a Mac is a top priority for many new customers. The Apple brand is on the rise and will be expected to lead the way. The sales figures speak for themselves, but some new customers need a little more advice. The Best Mac 2020 buying guide will explain some steps to be taken. That is helpful information that people will want to learn over time. The best Mac 2020 options will be expanded in new ways. That could reshape what choices are on the market these days. New customers are sure to be wowed by the tech. The options can be shown in aRead More →


As TV technology becomes smarter and more sophisticated, the race to build better Android boxes has become a sprint rather than a marathon. This isn’t exactly surprising—in expanding the capabilities of smart TVs, these boxes give your TV computer-like capability along with the ability to perform many of the tasks that smartphones currently do as well. So what are the best Android boxes in 2020 so far? Here’s a thumbnail rundown of the top five, complete with a brief explanation of what they can do and why they’re the most popular. Nvidia Shield TV Pro This is a high-quality streaming box that can also functionRead More →


Making an app list in an Android phone is a common procedure at present. Thousands of phone apps can be availed online at present. The selection of a relevant app from the online store holds an important role in achieving the required results. Which are the essential apps that we can have in our Android phone or what is the best app that available online to meet our needs in life? These questions are common from Android phone lovers. The answer to the above query generally varies as per the job and the need of the concerned person. For example, a doctor needs apps relatedRead More →


Regardless of the version and age of the system you’re using, keeping Windows secure is essential. With that in mind, Lenovo launches new services related to Windows security core PC expansion products, the majority of which are part of the company’s ThinkShield portfolio. In addition to the Secured-core PC, the company is also introducing a new service called the Secured-core PC Enablement. The goal of this service is to help customers deal with BIOS protection, issues with custom imaging, and the required configuration of operating system settings. The service is basically a factory service, and it’s available as an add-on device that is available toRead More →


When it comes to smart home products, Google’s Nest smart speaker has elicited plenty of speculation. What would it look like? Would it be an effective replacement for Google Home? What kind of capabilities would it have? Consider some of the speculations officially over., as Google officially reveals new Nest smart speakers via a photo release. The big news about the speaker is that it has a cloth design, along with four lights on the front of the speaker. This matches up well with the Google Home Max design and the Google Home Mini, so the basic configuration is the same. Beyond that, the speakerRead More →