Lenovo Announces New Windows Security Products for PCs And Laptops


Regardless of the version and age of the system you’re using, keeping Windows secure is essential. With that in mind, Lenovo launches new services related to Windows security core PC expansion products, the majority of which are part of the company’s ThinkShield portfolio.

In addition to the Secured-core PC, the company is also introducing a new service called the Secured-core PC Enablement. The goal of this service is to help customers deal with BIOS protection, issues with custom imaging, and the required configuration of operating system settings. The service is basically a factory service, and it’s available as an add-on device that is available to help keep the PC secure, especially for remote workers.

The overarching idea behind these products is to protect the company’s Windows 10 PCs from malware and cyberattacks. This release gives Lenovo ten new products that can be specified as Secure-core PCs. Before this addition, the company had two, so Lenovo users will have far more choices when it comes to PC security.

The devices include a wide array of ThinkPad laptops and the extra security provided by the new products helps remote workers by providing a more secure work environment driven by smart products. Several new technologies are incorporated in these products, including the company’s PrivacyGuard feature, Wifi 6, and up to CAT 16WWAN.

One of the problems solved by these products is the need for IT departments to finish a variety of time-intensive task to set up the Secure-core PC capability. These steps including configuring the operating system, setting up a manual password to help guard BIOS setting, and installing custom images.

These BIOS settings can now loaded at the factory, with users themselves setting the BIOS passwords. This keeps the setting stable during shipment, and it prevents tampering as well. Lenovo can also configure all of the operating system settings for the customer, which means buyers will get a product that’s ready to be up and running and secure from day one, with no additional work required by the IT department.

The laptops in this release include the ThinkPadX1 Carbon, the ThinkPad T15 premium laptops, the ThinkPad T14, the ThinkPad X13, and the ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 5, among others. These laptops were specifically designed to take advantage of Windows 10 capabilities, and the various series are mostly incremental upgrades to Lenovo’s laptop line, which has been a major goal of the company’s 2020 releases to date.

Upcoming models of the T series are expected to be available with the Ryzen Pro 4000 mobiles processors from AMD, but Lenovo hadn’t announced the timeline on that availability just yet.