The Best IPad Games 2020


Currently, there are thousands of video games available for all kinds of portable and fixed consoles and PCs, but none of those titles are capable of delivering the quality of graphics, nor the power of the new iPad.

Video game lovers will find in this portable device an incredible entertainment tool, with the advantages that they will be able to enjoy their games with total freedom anywhere and for half the price than if they played on other consoles or on PC.

Then, for all those looking to entertain themselves for hours with their new iPad and want to know all the options available at the moment, we will give you a shortlist of the best iPad games 2020.


Well let’s start!



With this epic RPG game, you can become a true space pirate, fighting against all kinds of threats or learning how to trade across the galaxy.

This space-based video game will allow you to take on 26 different roles: commander, merchant, soldier, smuggler, and more. If you’re looking for hours of fun and entertainment, this simple sci-fi game has everything you need.


Fortnite is still a worldwide phenomenon suitable for all ages and its version for iPad has not let anyone down. This new version stands out offering great graphics quality and maximum speed and playability to its players so that during their online games they can play without any interruption.

Fight, run, shoot, whatever you want. Your new iPad will allow you to get away from everything wherever and whenever you want; iOS technology has no limits.


This new sequel to the amazing three-dimensional puzzle game plunges us back into fourteen levels full of color and smooth shapes in which we will have to solve all kinds of puzzles.

This new version surprises with its excellent graphics and the quality of the image offered through iPad, with beautiful scenarios that will make us forget everything else and entertain us for hours.


Adventure game lovers like Zelda have found their perfect replacement through this new title; three times cheaper and with many better graphics. With Oceanhorn we can enjoy hours of adventure, where we will control a young man who goes in search of his father and who to find him will have to cross the entire ocean.

Finding his father, an explorer obsessed with finding the Oceanhorn, a mythical sea beast, will be the main mission of the video game, but to achieve it before we must navigate, fight and explore all kinds of hidden islands that will delight lovers of adventure and fantasy.