What Are the Five Most Popular Computer Products in 2020 So Far?


If you’re looking for the best computer products for this year so far, CES 2020 represents the gold standard. The annual conference typically sets the stage for coming technology advances, and this year was no exception. So what are the 5 most popular in 2020 Computer products?

This year’s top five features some significant advances in laptop capability, along with the usual array of additions from the world of gaming. What follows is a thumbnail description of this year’s top five, starting with the most significant.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Laptop

Last year, Lenovo promised to deliver the world’s first foldable laptop. This year they delivered on that promise.

The idea of a foldable display offers some interesting possibilities when it comes to future applications. It could be used to replicate the visual appeal of magazines, and the inclusion of a bundled Bluetooth keyboard raises the portability concept to a new level. The price tag is a bit steep at just under $2500, but its reasonable to expect prices to fall as other manufacturers get in on the action.

Dell XPS 13 Laptop

At the other end of the spectrum, Dell has updated and refined its flagship XPS 13 design, increasing the screen size while widening the screen.

It doesn’t have the same bells-and-whistles appeal as the Lenovo breakthrough, but these additions should pay off handsomely for Dell when it comes to sales and more applications.

Lenovo Yoga 5G Laptop

While the idea of a foldable laptop may be a conceptual advance, offering 5G capability in a consumer laptop definitely offers practical advantages.

The laptop features the Snapdragon 8cx System on a Chip from Qualcomm, and it works with that company’s 5G cellular modem. Expect Apple to match this 5G capability soon, but until it does Lenovo sets the standard.

Ace Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair

If you’re looking for something different, this gaming chair is definitely it. It’s rigged up inside a pod that’s mounted with three curved monitors, with each one sized at 27-inches, but you have to supply both the monitors and the gaming PC.

A price tag of just under $14,000 makes this a toy for the super-rich, but it could be an intriguing future development if it catches on and prices start to fall.

Alienware Concept UFO Game Console

The appeal of this console is simple—it takes the same concept the Nintendo Switch brought to the table and brings it to the world of PC gaming.

That means controllers can be detached for table-top play for single players, which adds a new level of portability to the PC games. The sharper screen is an added bonus. and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity makes it one of the most anticipated releases of the year.