What Is the Cheapest Server Currently on the Market?


If you’re doing web hosting or just looking for computing power in general, you need a full-featured server that will meet your needs.

Until recently, though, getting a cheap server hasn’t been easy at all, especially if you’re looking for a dedicated machine. But server prices have been falling steadily for the past couple of years, which means that there are some great values when it comes to getting the cheapest server.

That said, the best deal for the cheapest server is the Hostnoc TechRadar Dedicated Server. The package costs just under $70 a month, and the capabilities of the machine make this package a great value, especially since you can get two months free if you pay for an entire year. It’s important to note that this price doesn’t include local taxes, and any price quotes for this level of the server are going to be on an annual basis.

So what do you get for your money? The package includes two Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.60 GHz Octa-Core processor. Each core includes a 20 MB cache with a Passmark rating of 12,135, so there’s plenty of processing power to be had in this package.

Hostnoc also offers daily backups for storage, which consists of 48 GB of RAM along with an SSD system of 240 GB. That includes two SATA drives of 1 TB each for a bandwidth of up to 20 TB, and there’s a 1 GB port as well.

In addition, the company also offers 24/7 live support that includes free assistance with migrations, and the wait time for a response is guaranteed to be under 30 minutes.

The package includes a free operating system, but the choices are limited CentOS and Ubuntu. Windows Server packages are included in the offering from both 2012 and 2016, but there is no Windows Server capability from 2019.

There are several industry trends driving the move toward cheaper server packages. More and more companies have been recycling old servers, and competition with cloud service providers has been a driving factor as well, especially with some of those providers offering hyper-scale capability.

In addition, many data centers have been offering extra capacity, so this, too, has been instrumental in lowering prices. While server prices are expected to fall further, those looking for cheaper options may want to look into a virtual private network (VPN).

One of the advantages of this particular deal is Hostnoc itself. Unlike some of the cut-rate outfits, the company’s practices have been consistently industry-compliant, and all updates are performed automatically without any additional hidden fees. That makes this deal an even better value as the server market becomes more competitive.