Why the LG CX OLED TV Series Is a Great Value


If you’re on the lookout for a new OLED-based TV, there are plenty of great choices, and LG’s 2020 CX series is among the best.

Most users feel the value is in the picture quality, which is the best in the industry, so much so that these TVs are more than worth the extra money you’ll have to pay compared to buying another high-end TV.

The CX series comes in four basic sizes—48 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches, and 77 inches. The new entry for 2020 is the 48-inch model, but the OLED65CX remains an outstanding value for its size.

The big selling point for the CX series is a better image processor. The CX series also includes compatibility with AMD FreeSync, along with a Filmmaker picture mode that’s new, too.

The panel of the CX series is only a quarter-inch deep and barely visible from the sides. There’s another section at the bottom that sticks out another two inches or so, 1.75 inches to be exact. The near-invisibility of the front panel allows buyers and viewers to focus on the screen and the extra processing power that’s been added. The CX stand is weighted toward the rear to resist tipping, but most reviewers recommend using a TV strap, especially for buyers who have children.

The menu system for the CX series doesn’t have a lot of extras, but the apps for Netflix, Vudu, Amazon, and Disney Plus all allow you to use both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. Using the apps that are built into the TV makes it possible to get both high-quality audio and video without having to add an external streamer.

Both the remote and the scroll wheel are highly rated when it comes to moving around, which is especially helpful when moving around the endless rows of thumbnail descriptions on services like Netflix.

The CX series also excels when it comes to using a personal assistant. All the OLED TVs in this line let you use Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, which means you can get all the features provided by these personal assistants. This includes the ability to monitor and control smart home devices, do the standard question and answer process, with the responses coming from the TV speakers.

Apple compatibility is a strength as well. Photo sharking with an iPhone can be accomplished using Apple’s AirPlay 2 technology, and it’s also possible to mirror either a Mac or a phone screen.

These are just a few of the basic features offered by the CX series, and the OLED65CX is an excellent value if you’re looking to go up in screen size to get close to top-of-the-line quality.